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Frequently Asked Questions

This early bird special is only for a limited time. You can renew at a later time, but it will be at the full rate. I’m a fan of saving money whenever possible, so if you want to write a book and become a Bestselling Author in the next year, then now is the time to grab this deal. This exclusive BSM Founders early bird special ends when the timer on this page hits zero. Go here to renew now.

You have lifetime access to the online training program. However, BSM coaching is a yearly membership. All BSM coaching memberships ended on or before December 31, 2023. We then gifted you four full months of free coaching (January through April 2024). Only BSM members who have renewed through this early bird special are active coaching members. If you have not renewed yet, you don’t have BSM coaching access. To gain access to your BSM coaching membership, click the green button on this page to renew your coaching, or click here.

Most of our clients and BSM members are not professional writers. Some even struggled with writing in school, like myself. I had to get extra tutoring because I was so far behind in my classes. Yet, I’ve written seven #1 International Bestselling books. Some of our clients struggled in school as well, like Dominica Lumazar, who was told she was too stupid to go to college. 

We designed BSM and our coaching system to help non-writers write their books. The program outlines several different strategies for completing content quickly and easily. Our coaches provide feedback and support to help you stay on track and complete your book.

Most of the “gurus” and leaders you know well today wouldn’t be known to you if they didn’t write their books. Leaders understand the critical importance of establishing Credibility, Trust, and Authority in their field, and nothing accomplishes this quite like a bestselling book.

Take Joel Bauer, for instance. He’s known as the world’s best platform speaker trainer and closer, but it wasn’t always that way. He told me that after publishing his book, his annual business revenue skyrocketed from $184,000 to an impressive $2.2 million in one year—thanks to the expanded visibility and new opportunities his book created.

From TV appearances to magazine features and radio interviews, Joel leveraged his author status to gain perpetual media traction that still serves his branding and marketing efforts today. He’s even signed on to do another book with us because he knows how powerful bestselling books are to long-term success.

Many people think AI can replace the work required to write a book, but that’s a mistaken viewpoint. When writing a bestselling book that establishes the author as a key player in their industry, AI lacks the ability to communicate the unique philosophy and processes that authors want to share with readers. A main component of building authority and credibility is showing the world your unique perspective and approach within your niche. AI can only pull from what already exists. It cannot communicate what makes the author unique. In a world where AI is being embedded into everything we do, uniqueness is going to be a major way we stand apart from everyone else. 

AI can be helpful for market research, enhancing chapter titles and subtitles, rewording phrases, enhancing clarity, and basic editing. Use AI to speed up the writing process and enhance your work, but don’t mistakenly believe you can rely on it to write your book. AI can’t explain the unique systems and processes you create. AI would never know your personal stories and client experiences. It also cannot recreate your authentic voice, which helps you connect with the reader.

Amazon has just updated its policies stating that all books using any AI-created content must disclose it. The US Copyright Office has the same stance. With either of these, if you violate their policies, you can lose the ability to sell on the biggest online bookstore in the world and also lose the copyright for your whole book. These rules and laws will only get stricter as AI becomes a larger part of society. 

The BSM program is 90 days. With coaching, you get feedback at every step to make sure you are meeting your targets. Some of our clients leverage their book creation process from day one and start getting new clients. Others have explosive book launches that bring them a flood of new clients. While each situation is different, the BSM program and coaching are designed to create a marketing and advertising system for you that brings you new clients on a weekly basis.

The BSM process is streamlined to make becoming a bestselling author with a high-quality book a reality. It’s broken down into short daily training videos and weekly coaching calls. You also have the support of your coach throughout the program for a year with your coaching renewal. The weekly coaching calls and your coach are there to answer any and all questions that come up and give feedback every step of the way.

I know there are a lot of courses out there on writing a book and building a digital business. Some of them are quite good. But there are simply NO courses out there with the proven track record of The Bestseller Method. To my knowledge, there are no other book courses with over a BILLION dollars in results by clients.

In fact, here’s a big difference – many of those other courses were launched using the BSM strategies I developed. Almost all of those other course creators learned from me either directly or indirectly, how to create and launch THEIR books. Take a look at what they’re doing to market THEIR books, and you’ll see that they’re mostly using BSM. And not a single one I know of offers the insane amount of coaching and support we offer our BSM members. 

Here’s the thing – I cannot guarantee you will find success with BSM. However, The Bestseller Method is a propriety process designed to write, launch, and profit from a book. This process has been verified by working with over 1,000 clients and BSM members from over 40 countries around the world. BSM just works. 

So while I can’t promise you success, I know that if you stick with it and work through the program, the odds are with you.

Hiring a writing coach outside of BSM is a bad idea. They don’t know our process or structure for creating books. We’ve had a couple of incidents where clients brought us books after working with a writing coach. The clients spent more time and money having us fix it than if they had just worked with us through the whole process. Additionally, any writing coach who is even halfway decent is going to cost you at least ten times more than the small investment in BSM coaching.

Using BSM, you do not need an email list to become a Bestselling Author. The BSM process is designed so that your book launch does not require having your own email list or social media following. Even if you do have an email list, it’s best to wait until after your bestseller launch to promote to them. 

Additionally, we are not fans of traditional email lists where you spend $5-10 or more on advertising and give away a free item to get people on your list. Instead, we prefer to build customer lists. It’s been proven that people who are on customer lists are 10-15 times more likely to purchase than people on a traditional email list. 

Your bestselling book is the absolute best way to get people on your customer email list. By using our proprietary BSM book sales funnel process, you get new customers on your email list for free and eliminate your marketing budget. That’s part of the magic of the BSM system.

Having a customer list is the one thing that every business needs. It’s also the ultimate security and leverage point in your business. And I personally believe that the best way to actually GET a customer list is with a bestselling book funnel.

If you’re starting from zero with no list at all, then use our book funnels and advertising strategies inside the BSM program to get your customer list started… and then you’re off to the races.

If you’ve already got a small list, then a “Two-Stage Launch” is the way to go. It will make you a Bestselling Author first, and then you’ll use that new status to celebrate with your list while creating new sales in the process.

As part of the BSM book development process, we also build customer list generation into the book. When readers buy your book through retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, they are your customers, but you don’t have their contact information. By providing a call to action in your book and providing valuable bonuses, you can collect their contact information and add them to your customer list. We have several trainings in the BSM program, and your coach can help you implement an effective customer list building strategy.  

For some real examples of people starting with little or no list, check out the Case Studies below. We’ve got some great examples, including Dominica Lumizar, Crystal Davis, David Werdiger, Caleb Boyer, John O. Reilly, and many more.

When I first started teaching BSM strategies in 2014, I had no idea that it would be used in so many markets… in fact, it’s been used in lots of markets that I had never even heard of before.

It’s been used in markets like golf, guitar instruction, piano, singing, getting more dates, avoiding divorce, youth ministry, yoga, meditation, online fitness coaching, health food, cooking with herbs, healing with soap, weight loss, business coaching, real estate agent training, mobile home park investments, blogging, real estate investing, outdoor adventure, actor coaching, how to write books, how to publish books, how to make money from books, book launches, accounting, landing high-paying C-Suite jobs, musician side hustles, exiting a business, retirement, Google ranking, social media marketing, success strategies, how to have more energy, generational wealth building, creating webinars, living an authentic life, personal training, copywriting, how to increase sales in small retail stores, tax prep, productivity, personal development, micro real estate investments, real estate rental strategies, preparing for a newborn, finding your true love, stock trading, leadership, cyber security, futures trading, how to sell your expertise, B2B sales prospecting, overcoming tragedy and loss, empowering women in business, diagnosing and treating autism, DUI/DWI rights, selling masterminds, learning languages, treating and living with cancer, dentistry, etc., etc., etc.… 

And that just scratches the surface!

We have BSM Members who sell physical products, courses, membership sites, books (of course), live events, retreats, masterminds, art, and… even some who have brick & mortar businesses. In fact, I’d be surprised to find a business niche or market BSM does NOT work for. The bottom line is if you’re selling something online, BSM can work for you.

Finally, you should check out the Case Studies we shared below – you’ll get a feeling for the incredible breadth of businesses, markets, products, and services that our BSM Members are having success in.

If you normally work with one client at a time, BSM is going to be a gamechanger for you. 

Let me start by saying – one-on-one client work is great, and because you’re already successful one-on-one, you’ve proven you’ve got something useful that people want to buy. 

The only problem is you can’t scale without working more hours, and that’s a recipe for burnout. BSM shows you how to take what you do with your individual clients and use it to impact more people without working yourself to death. The BSM process creates new assets for you to sell and creates a customer-getting system that keeps new clients begging to work with you. Even if you choose to not work with any additional clients, building a waiting list provides security for your business and allows you to command higher rates since you are now in demand.

I bet your clients have a lot of things in common. And that means that a lot of the work you are already doing can be repurposed into a bestselling book that lets you help more people in less time… instant leverage. BSM will show you how to do it and launch it into the world in a big way.

Great news – most of our BSM members aren’t technical either!

Right now you’re reading these words on your browser on your phone or tablet or computer… but at some time in the past you didn’t know how to use those things either. Your browser is just a software tool that you learned how to use. 

Well, the good news is that there are simple software tools you’ll use to develop, launch, and market your book.

I know lots of people get intimidated by the technical aspects of an online business… but here’s the thing – you don’t need a big fancy website. You can get started with a single web page – and there are some amazing tools that allow you to create that page in a matter of minutes.

Don’t get me wrong – you’ll have to learn stuff to get your business going. But it’s all 100%  “figureoutable”… and because of the great tools that are now available, it’s so much simpler  than it’s ever been.

And since I’m dedicated to removing every obstacle out of your way, I have several special trainings in the BSM Program that walk you step-by-step through every tech thing. Plus, I’ve been known to walk our students through any tech roadblocks live on our coaching calls. So, you learn from others when they need help and you get the help you need when you need it. Double win! So if you’re just starting out and you’re intimidated by the “technology question”… we’ve got you taken care of.

Finally, check out the Case Studies below… you’ll find out that many of the people featured didn’t have tech skills – including Lauren Powers, Chris and Eric Martinez, Crystal Davis, and Peter Christman.

The great majority of our BSM clients and members have businesses outside the “make money online” niches. We have successful students in almost every niche and market available… even stuff you might think can’t be taught online like golf and dog training. BSM Members have taught just about everything under the sun… from learning guitar, to weight loss, to drawing and painting, to treating autism, and so much more. 

Here’s a PARTIAL list of some markets that BSM has been used in:

golf, guitar instruction, piano, singing, getting more dates, avoiding divorce, youth ministry, yoga, meditation, online fitness coaching, health food, cooking with herbs, healing with soap, weight loss, business coaching, real estate agent training, mobile home park investments, blogging, real estate investing, outdoor adventure, actor coaching, how to write books, how to publish books, how to make money from books, book launches, accounting, landing high-paying C-Suite jobs, musician side hustles, exiting a business, retirement, Google ranking, social media marketing, success strategies, how to have more energy, generational wealth building, creating webinars, living an authentic life, personal training, copywriting, how to increase sales in small retail stores, tax prep, productivity, personal development, micro real estate investments, real estate rental strategies, preparing for a newborn, finding your true love, stock trading, leadership, cyber security, futures trading, how to sell your expertise, B2B sales prospecting, overcoming tragedy and loss, empowering women in business, diagnosing and treating autism, DUI/DWI rights, selling masterminds, learning languages, treating and living with cancer, dentistry…

The short answer is yes. Short books (under 100 pages) can’t become bestsellers using the BSM system. Our promotion partners don’t allow short books. They also do not hold the same type of authority and impact as a book that looks like it was traditionally published. Almost all traditionally published books at over 100 pages and that is because publishing companies know what sells, what the market expects, and what is needed to hit the bestseller lists. 

Minimum Viable Books are another no-go. Minimum viable books are books where you do the least amount to test the idea and see how the market responds. Our authors are experts in their field and many already have businesses where they are sharing what they know already. When you are already getting results for your clients, you don’t need to test your ideas, you already know they work. Now we just need to package them up in a professional book that positions you as the leader in your market. 

BSM coaching guides you through the whole process so that you will never need a short or minimum viable book. You just end up with a book you can use to grow your business for years and even decades to come.

If your entire goal is to “get rich quick” without having to put in any work, then this program probably isn’t for you. 

The truth is… I legally cannot guarantee you will make back your investment on your book launch (or at all). That’s the law.

And really, there are far too many factors at play for me to make any kind of guarantee like that. Bottom line: If you have a good book, a marketing funnel sales process, a good offer, and good customer service, if you work the system, and if you continue to improve, then I know you can build an incredible business.

You can get your individual questions answered in our group Coaching Calls, but the calls are not 1-on-1. 

We’ve found that group calls actually provide more value than one-on-one meetings because you get the value of hearing other BSM members’ questions and answers.

You also have 24/7 direct access to your coach through email, video messages, audio messages, and text messages to ask questions, receive feedback, or receive guidance.

At the end of the day, this question is really about the support you’re going to get… and if you look at the results that our BSM clients and members have gotten in nearly any market you can think of, and in dozens of countries around the world… well, the level of support is clearly there.

If you are one of those rare people who, like me, need or desire 1-on-1 we do have limited spots available for an additional investment. Please reach out to to learn more.

I’m very proud of the community we have built with BSM. It’s one of the most supportive communities I’ve ever had the privilege to be part of. Even years after launching their books, members come back and support new members with their launches providing additional sales, reviews, and encouragement. 

Our updated community portal in the BSM membership area is also available to connect with your fellow BSM Members. We also just added direct messaging so you can reach out to members individually. 

Plus, on our Coaching Calls at least twice a week, you can ask questions… and you can hear the questions of other BSM Members – that way you can get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. 

  • 1 Year of 24/7 Bestseller Method Coaching – Your Very Own Personal Coach To Guide You Through The Mentorship Program (1-year access)
  • 2X Per Week Live Coaching Calls With Rory and The Coaches (1-year access)
  • 282+ Coaching Replays
  • BSM Community Access – Launch and Promote Your Book To Our Community For Instant Sales and Reviews
  • Accountability From The Program, Your Coach, and From Rory
  • Discounted A La Carte Agency Services (editing, formatting, covers, guaranteed reviews, launch help, funnel building, website design, etc.) 
  • 12 Month Bestseller Guarantee – we guarantee you will become a #1 International Bestselling Author or we run your launch for you. 
  • NEW BONUS: Custom Avatar Profile – know exactly who your audience is, what their pain and motivation points are, and what language works to get them to buy. ($73,108 Real-World Value)
  • INSANE DEAL: 12 Month Payment Plan Option

Double Guarantee:

Become a #1 Bestselling Author Guaranteed – In the very unlikely chance you don’t, my team will re-launch your book, I will personally pay for your promotions to get it to #1, and we will run the whole launch for you. (just so you know, our normal rate for just a book launch promotion is $10,500 – that’s how confident I am in my mentorship program. I’m making a $10,500 bet.)


Plus, you have 30 days to enjoy the coaching again, try it out, and see for yourself how The Bestseller Method can make all the difference for you. If, for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, send us an email to and we’ll issue you a full refund within 24 hours directly back to your credit card.

Life can get pretty crazy. There are a lot of disruptions and complications in many people’s lives at the moment… and we all fall behind sometimes – even during the best of times. 

If you get busy or need to take a break, we’ll send you some gentle reminders to help get you back on track. And if you’re really far behind, you can always pick back up where you left off… whenever you want. 

The course is 90 days but you have lifetime access, and you have an entire twelve months of Coaching Calls and Direct Access to your Coach… so even if you fall behind, you’ll have more than enough time to catch back up.

Your investment in BSM Coaching during this early bird special is only $397 for 12 months. 

We also offer a 12-pay plan, which is 12 payments of $39 each, spread 30 days apart. If you choose the 12-pay option, you can always upgrade to full-pay anytime in the first month if you change your mind.

When looking at any type of investment, the big question is what type of return that investment will bring you. Of course, everyone’s returns will vary dramatically – and yours will as well. 

But your book launch could give you a tremendous return on your investment. It could literally make you many times more than you spend on your registration. 

And the true measure of the return on your investment isn’t just your book launch – it’s how this new credibility and authority opens doors to growth for your business. 

I have BSM Members who wouldn’t let me buy back their copy (and the experience, knowledge, and training they’ve gotten) for literally a hundred times what they spent.

Here’s another way to think about it… compared to an MBA, you’ll get an actionable system that you can put to work within weeks, all at a fraction of the cost. (Not to mention that you won’t get a money-back guarantee for the tuition you’ll pay for an MBA!)

I understand that choosing to invest in yourself can be a difficult decision… and for some, it might be especially scary right now. 

The thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that having your own business is really the only true form of job security. It’s how you stop depending on others for a paycheck. It’s how you control your income regardless of what’s going on in the job market… or the world.

I think that’s a pretty good thing to invest in. So I’ve decided to make it as easy as I can for you – even if you can’t pay for the full coaching renewal right now.

You can get access to BSM Coaching today with a down payment of $39. We call this our 12-pay plan, and after that down payment, you’d have another 11 payments of $39 each. You’ll have 30 days to try out the program and see if it’s right for you. And if for any reason you do not want to continue, we will give you a full refund.

Email and explain the issue. They are total superstars and can help you get it taken care of.

Absolutely. We find that people tend to get the best results when they start right away because it keeps procrastination and “other things” from getting in the way of starting. But it’s designed so you can go through it at your own pace. If you want to start in eight weeks, then all the material will be there for you and you can join the coaching calls then. However, you must sign up during this early bird special offer window in order to get the massive deal on your coaching.

Any results on these pages are not typical. You are not guaranteed any specific results or income… as every person, industry, personality, and offer are unique and different. This isn’t about getting rich quick – we believe in hard work and showing up and serving your market… and putting your head down and getting to work.

As long as you have an active coaching plan with BSM then you are guaranteed to become a #1 bestselling author when you launch your book or else we will relaunch you book for you and get it #1 Bestseller Status.

*You must launch your book within 12 months of starting the program, follow the launch plan as laid out in the program, run the promotions we recommend, get the categories in Amazon as taught in the program, and provide screenshots of rankings for each hour of the launch (don’t worry, we show you how to do everything and provide a ton of support with our weekly calls and your personal coach)- In the very unlikely chance you don’t, my team will re-launch your book, I will personally pay for your promotions to get it to #1, and we will run the whole launch for you. (just so you know, our normal rate for just a book launch promotion is $10,500 – that’s how confident I am in my mentorship program. I’m making a $10,500 bet.) 1-Year coaching program includes weekly live coaching, personal coaching through our membership direct video, audio, or text message, and email.

Rated 4.9/5 by 100's of Bestselling Authors


1000+ #1 Bestselling Authors and Counting

What people are saying about The Bestseller Method


"They Told Her She Was Too STUPID To Go To College. Now She's A #1 International Bestselling Author With A 7-Figure Business"

"If it wasn't for Rory I wouldn't even have a business. Every step of the way his guidance has yielded me greater results than I ever thought possible. He helped me become a #1 International Bestselling Author, got me featured on Forbes, and on the front cover of magazines while helping me grow a 7-figure plus business. He really is just that good at what he does."


"Struggling To Learn Online Marketing, These Twin Brothers Tried Every Big Name "Guru" Coach Out There Until They Finally Met Rory. Now They Are #1 International Bestselling Authors And Transitioned From Being Online Fitness Trainers To Owning a Lucrative, High-Level Fitness Business Coaching Empire"

"Rory has been THE business and marketing mentor for us. We've done two books with him if that doesn't say enough, but as a coach and mentor he really stands above all the others. He guided us from being fitness coaches to business coaches and that single shift instantly opened up an additional six-figure revenue source. It's like he's got a magic ball and can see where you need to go in your business to make a whole lot more money and serve a whole lot more people. We are forever grateful to Rory for everything he has done for us."


"From Battered and Abused To Thriving Influencer and Business Authority. Crystal Davis Turned 28 Years Of A Horrible Existence Into An Inspiration For Millions Around The Globe Through Rory's Coaching and Guidance."

"The hardest thing I've ever had to do was to describe the years of abuse I went through but Rory guided me gently through the process. Now my story has been changing millions of lives all over the world. I've been asked to speak on stages with the very best speakers, invited to private events, networked with the "Who's, Who", and built a business that I never thought was possible. I would not be where I am today both personally and professionally without Rory and his mentorship."


"Jason Fladlien Is Known As The $100 Million Dollar Webinar Man But When He Launched His Book It Was Floundering. Jason's CEO, Doland White, Asked Rory To Step In At The Very Last Minute And Rory Was Able To Make Jason's Book A #1 International Bestseller."

"Rory singlehandedly saved Jason's book launch and completely repositioned him in the marketplace through a brand redesign and media exposure. After leaving Jason's company, Rapid Crush, Rory's coaching helped me land the highest-earning position of my 40-year career. I've worked with the best of the best in almost every industry from world leaders to industry titans and there is literally no one I would recommend over Rory."



"Lauren Powers Might Be A 10 Time Body Building Winner But She Was A 10 Time Book Hiring Failure Until She Was Introduced To Rory. Now She Has #1 International Bestseller Status To Add To All Her Other Titles, All Because She Listened To That Little Voice Inside Her Head That Said "Go With Rory!"

"I struggled for years to get my book published. I hired too many of the wrong people who never fulfilled what they were supposed to do or they just did an unprofessional job. When I heard about Rory, I thought what he was offering was too good to be true. Yet just a few short months after working with him, not only was my book finally finished but it became a #1 International Bestseller in 98 categories in 11 countries. Rory is an absolute expert at everything related to books. If you’ve written a book or are thinking of writing one and you want it to go to number one, Rory Carruthers is your guy!"



"David Wanted The Credibility And Authority Of Being A #1 Bestselling Author To Launch His Speaking Career. That's Exactly What Rory Helped Him Accomplish. Now He Gets Invited To Speak At Private, High-Net-Worth Events All Over The World To Share His Wealth and Business Strategies."

"Through Rory’s book strategies, Transition became the #1 book in all of Amazon and it’s helped me get speaking engagements on everything from cruise ships to private family business events all over the world."


"When A 12 Year Old Tells You They Got SCAMMED By A Well-Known NY Times Bestselling Author and "Publisher", You Want To Do Everything You Can To Make It Better For Them. Then When They Tell You They Want To Inspire Other Kids To Write, Well... Then It Becomes Your Mission."

"I wrote my book Island Games when I was twelve years old and worked with someone else to launch it. I was so disappointed. I didn’t like how the cover looked and I only sold a few hundred copies. Then I met Rory and he re-worked everything with my book. Now, the cover looks amazing and I’ve been able to get my book in the hands of over 20,000 people. I also get to share my writing experience with younger kids to inspire them to write their own books. HUGE thanks to Rory and his team for everything they have done for me!"


"An Outside Company Rachael Hired To Run Her Marketing Was Not Providing ANY Results. Then She Met Rory. He Took Over And Righted The Ship. Now The Business Is On Track To Reach 8 Figures."

"I was introduced to Rory by a mutual business acquaintance to get help with my son Caleb’s book. Rory did a great job on the book and through that process I learned Rory has a vast knowledge of marketing and really gets online marketing at a deeper level. Last year I started a sister company to my home Coatings company so we could focus on doing whole-house home remodels. Rory learned I had been taken advantage of by a shady marketing company and offered to have him and his team take over the marketing for my new company. The differences were seen immediately. Not only has Rory helped me get featured in the media, beautifully rebuilt all our websites, and run all our ads, but his marketing efforts have resulted in taking us from a small $300,000 per year company to a $3,000,000 per year company in less than 18 months while in the middle of Covid. Not only that but we've been able to purchase a massive showroom complex for our businesses to further showcase and expand our operations. The ONLY reason this is a possibility is because of Rory. I couldn’t be more thankful for all Rory has done for me and my family."


"While Launching Kevin's Book, He Received His Two Comma Club X Award for $10,000,000 in Sales. Rory Helped Kevin Develop The Book As A New Front End Offer And To Give Him The Authority Only A Book Can Give. Less Than A Year Later And Kevin Has Already Surpassed The $30,000,000 Mark."

"I met Rory through Jason Fladlien and asked him to put together a book for me that was going to help take my business to the next level. I wasn't expecting it to work miracles but we've already tripled our revenue. The book has also given me the status to reach a new echelon in my networking which has translated to top-tier guests for my podcast. Thanks Dude!"


"Christopher Turned His Bestseller Status Into A Lifestyle That Allowed Him To Give Up Touring And Be Home With His Kids. With Rory's Guidance He's Been Able To Get Millions Of Plays On Spotify And Is Releasing Music At Record Pace."

"Rory and I have played in many bands and toured all over the country together. So when he came up with the crazy idea to write a book about how to become a musician, it made sense but I was skeptical. Since launching the first book a few years ago, I have used it to grow my music teaching side hustle into a full-time business. I don’t have to tour anymore and get to spend every day hanging out with my kids. I also get to spend my days helping everyone from young children to grandparents realize their love for music and that is more than I could have ever asked to happen."

Rory and Christopher on tour in NYC 2008


"Maryann and Brian Were Just Like Most Coaches, Great At What They Do But Unsure How To Get Clients To Hear Their Message. Rory Put Together A Plan To Utilize Their Lifetime Of Adventures Into A Book To Help Others Live A More Fulfilling Life While At The Same Time Getting Them Their Ideal Clients Begging To Work With Them."

"When Rory first shared the idea of writing a book to grow our business, we liked the idea but we were unsure it would work for us since our business was fairly new. Rory coached us through the whole book process from writing to launch to funnels and advertising to make sure we were clear on the process and how it would benefit us. Our business has been steadily growing since the book launch and are excited to continue working with Rory and his team to keep growing and expanding this exciting new adventure for us."


"Allan Was Looking To Expand His Credibility And Take His Speaking Career To The Next Level. He Had Worked With Every Big Name Coach Out There But Had Hit A Wall With His Business Growth. Rory Helped Him Bust Through That Wall. Well... His Story Says It All... "

"I’ve been personally and directly mentored by some of the top coaches in the world such as Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard but Rory is the only person who actually got me tangible results. He helped me get my book out to the world which led to being a featured speaker on the TEDx stage, appearances on Television, and booking corporate speaking events. I’m beyond grateful for Rory’s guidance and coaching."


"John Was The Drummer For Trans-Siberian Orchestra (The Highest Grossing Touring Band In The World) When Rory Helped Him Write And Launch His Book. Little Did He Know That The Band's Founder Would Die Suddenly And He Would Be Out Of A Job. But His Book Landed Him Another Drumming Gig That Is Just As Lucrative. Amazing What A Book Can Do For You."

"Just weeks before I was scheduled to launch my book, my wife passed away. One of the first people I spoke with was Rory. He was so kind and compassionate about the situation and let me know that he would reschedule the whole launch for when I was feeling up to it. A few months later we did launch and it’s still one of the best days of my life. My book has got me speaking engagements and VIP treatment, and even my most recent drumming gig with The Wizards of Winter came about because of the keyboardist/musical director reading my book and reaching out. Words will never truly convey my gratitude to Rory for his friendship and marketing skills but I hope this helps."


"Every time I listen to Rory my business and personal life gets better. Because of his training and support I have become a Social Media Star and have sold out of every product I had in my warehouse."


"When I first met Rory, he was directly responsible for 2500% growth in my business. I recently reached out to get his help solving a lead generation problem I was having. Not only did he solve it but I haven't seen leads coming in this fast or furious in years. My only wish is that I reached out sooner!"


"I come from a successful background in Hollywood where I was Vice President and Executive Producer at Warner Brothers and a film scriptwriter for several major studio motion pictures. When you’ve been in that world for so long, you get used to everybody kissing your ass and never challenging you because they all want to stay in your good graces. When I met Rory, it was like a breath of fresh air. He didn’t care about my background or what I could do for him, he just cared that I was getting the right information that would lead to the results I wanted, which was to become a #1 Bestselling Author. He helped me achieve that dream and my book has helped me get featured on major tv station programs such as Fox Business News and in featured articles of multiple magazines. Everyone is always impressed when they learn about my book and it’s opened up new opportunities to grow my businesses. If you’re wanting results with your book, you need to work with Rory."


"Rory is a class act. When I wanted to write a book showcasing how my exit planning strategies had changed the lives of my clients, he came up with a plan that exceeded my highest expectations. Both he and his team are fabulous to work with and take the time to explain all the angles and options available. Rory’s knowledge of book creation and marketing is unsurpassed and it’s why he is the only person I refer people to when they say they want to write a book."


"Rory will motivate and inspire you to greater success in every area of your life."

Rated 4.9/5 by 100's of Bestselling Authors


The Bestseller Method

Rory Carruthers

RORY CARRUTHERS is an Award-Winning, 7-time #1 International Bestselling Author and Creator of The Bestseller Method™. He is a National and International Book Launch Expert who has over 25 years of business, sales, and marketing experience. Rory has been featured on Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Today, Yahoo Business, and Total Prestige Magazine. In his previous career as a professional musician, audio engineer, music producer, and record label owner, Rory garnered himself a top 100 song and hundreds of millions of streams for his bands.

Rory currently owns several digital marketing agencies and software companies serving clients, whether they are Authors, Experts, Celebrities, Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, Business Owners, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, or Online Thought Leaders. Rory has also helped his clients earn over one billion dollars in revenue by employing cutting-edge marketing strategies.

Rated 4.9/5 by 100's of Bestselling Authors

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